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India's Premium Organic Food Products Organization.

Jaivik is a farm located at  a silent nest of nature which is outskirts of Jamshedpur away from the city in Jharkhand.

The farm focuses on growing and preparing food products of the highest quality with zero preservatives added and uses complete organic methods bringing back tradition and discipline back to the food industry with a mindset of creating healthy lifestyle for generations.


Our Premium Products

All our products are traditionally created and are the purest that's there in the market.

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Traditional A-2 Desi Ghee

Jaivik A-2 Desi Ghee is made from A-2 Milk from Desi Cow Breeds, Traditional method of preparing bilona churn ghee, as mentioned in the shashtra provides deep nourishment to all the Dhatus (tissues) of the body and helps generate Ojas (energy reserve of body cells).


Jaivik Traditional Desi Achaar

Bringing you the zesty, mouth-watering pickles that add flavor to food and to life. Made with traditional methods and ingredients with no preservatives or any chemicals and colouring agents, The products is a perfect balance of tasty and healthy.


About Us

We are a farm that envisions bringing back discipline and quality in the food industry. Food is the most essential entity for the world and it's purity is the most important factor to help creating a healthier world and that's what Jaivik aspires to do, create a healthier world.

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Salbani, NH-33, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.




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